The GemRam™ is a lightweight, portable Raman spectrometer dedicated to both the verification of known gemstones as well as the identification of unknown gemstones. It comes equipped with B&W Tek’s GemID™ identification software, powered by GemExpert’s spectral library of nearly 300 different gemstones, as well as unlimited space for user defined spectra that can be added at any time. The GemRam utilizes a spectrum stabilized 785nm diode laser and high resolution TE cooled spectrometer to provide unrivaled performance and repeatability. It comes complete with a fiber optic probe, X-Y-Z positioning stage, and netbook computer with pre-loaded software, all in a convenient carrying case.

About GemExpert: Professor H.A. Hänni and Professor Johannes Hunziker are world class authorities on gemology. Hänni and Hunziker are founders of GemExpert.

GemID Software B&W Tek's GemID identification software allows you to navigate your GemRam™ Raman spectrometer using user-friendly icons and instructions. You can easily choose to verify a known gemstone or identify an unknown gemstone by measuring the spectrum of the gemstone, then comparing it with that of the GemExpert library included in the software. You can also view the general spectra and results of your measurement independent of the library, or add an unlimited amount of your spectra to the library to use for future comparisons.

GemExpert Library B&W Tek's exclusive GemID identification software, preloaded in every GemRam™, is powered by GemExpert's spectral library of nearly 400 different gemstones. The library contains gemstone spectra for all classes, including: borates, carbonates, halides, native elements, oxides, phosphates, silicates, sulfates and sulfides. Different varieties of each gemstone from around the world are also available in the GemExpert library. Each entry within the library includes the commercial name, a picture of the gemstone, the country of origin, and other information that will assist with quickly identifying and verifying gemstones.

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